Tempi – The Smart Way to Monitor Temperature and Humidity

Tempi is the first of it’s kind wearable Bluetooth device that accurately measures temperature and humidity and then displays the information on your smartphone.


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Tempi has many uses ranging from tracking surrounding temperature and humidity to monitoring the environment in your home, wine cellar, exotic pet cage, cigar box or musical instruments. Another excellent use of Tempi is monitoring temperature and humidity of a baby or an elder’s room. Tempi keeps track of changes and sends alerts right to your phone or tablet.

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WiFi Hub

Connects Tempi to the Internet via Wi-Fi and expands its range as well as allows people to monitor remotely. Surveys indicated a great demand for this complementary device. The Hub also allow Tempi to interface with popular thermostats such as Nest and Honeywell.

WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Monitors temperature and humidity in a baby’s room and connects to smart devices through WiFi. Product sends alerts to parents should the temperature or humidity drop. Helps maintain a safe sleeping environment for babies and provides peace of mind to parents. This device is powered by an AC adapter and does not rely on batteries.

Wearable Baby Thermometer

A new way of remotely monitoring baby’s temperature.

Smart Alarm for Nocturnal Enuresis

Coming soon a new way to revolutionize treatment for Nocturnal Enuresis